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The best that we can C  / SUE (Mommy's BGF!!!!! )
There's  NOTHING good about losing your child!! Submitting to God in that way...OW! But let's remember what He DID FOR US!  He lost a child too.  HE knows our pain, He knows our sadnesses....Yeah,  HE KNOWS!   blah, blah, blah!~

He ALSO KNOWS what would come from such a tragedy.  A FRIENDSHIP like no other!

God loves us so freakin much that HE knows where to put US in our lives.  IN JUST THE right PLACE!

Brian, Wen, Nicko, Kota-boy, Katie Girl, &"my" Noah Lukkie.....

God, and ONLY God knows where i'm supposed to be, "RIGHT HERE WITH YOU", He said!  " in JUST THE RIGHT PLACE"!


Your Freind Endlessslllyy~

2nd Angel Date for Precious Emily  / Donna Robert Mom To Angel Angie-robert (another Angel Family Mom )

2nd Angel Date for

To the family of Emily I send my deepest sympathy as you endure one of the most important dates in your life.

Emily was a very beautiful little girl, who seemed to always be so happy! I am sure she is still happy and had the thrill of holding Jesus's hand as she travelled onto her next journey of life.

I also lost a daughter and she left behind a a little boy who turned three years old, three weeks after her passing. It is sad to see him grow and explore this world without her in.

THis is my favorite picture of Emily

She looks like a picture in a country magazine. Her outfit, her smile, her posture is just so cute and pretty.

This picture breaks my heart 

Emily seemed to have had such a beautiful Fall day. What's the chance of getting a picture on the last day? So special, so sweet, and so precious!

My goodness it looks like she is telling you with her big beautiful eyes, It's okay Mommy and Daddy I will be with you again one day. Don't be sad, and don't cry...because I'm a big girl now and I won't be sad and cry...cause I love you both so much!

Thank you so much for sharing your story about your precious Angel. I truly love the site you made for her. I pray that my daughter Angie is helping to take care of Emily for you until you can be with her again.

Lots of hugs and prayers
Mom to angie-robert

akgilbert@mac.com / Anna Gilbert ("my anna" )
wendy, this week SUCKS. i miss everyone at home and especially you and my baby girl. i've been having a hard time ever since oct 1st started because i know we've entered pretty much the month from hell. i emailed you a few weeks ago, did you get it? email me or something at akgilbert@bsu.edu. i miss you guys :[ anna
Dear Wendy  / Terri Konjarevich
Dear Wendy,

My words can't express how sorry I am about your loss of such a beautiful daughter.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  The loss of a child is the most painful thing for any parent to expereince.  After the death of my brother my mother has never been the same.  Now 15 years has passed.   Bringing up his name to my mother still creates tears that continue to flow from her eyes. She says there is not a day that goes by where she does not think of him.  I know it must be the same for you and your family.  May God Bless you and your family.  I pray that the Lord shines his light bright to guide you all through this difficult loss..

God Bless

Terri Konjarevich 



Poem / Paige (passerby)
I have followed your story from the beginning and am so sorry for you loss.   I came across this poem and thought of your sweet Emily.  She was a beautiful little girl...   My prayers are with you and your family.

God Sent to Us an Angel

by Jody Ferlaak

We hope to dwell on memories,
How His angel blessed our lives
With the way she smiled,
The way she laughed,
The blueness of her eyes.

We'll fondly think of nightly prayers
And be glad we were a part
Of all the times she asked her God
To come into her heart.

We know she rests with God today
And oh, what joy that brings.
Yes, God sent to us an Angel—
We just never saw her wings.

In celebration of the life of Teagan Mackenzie Ferlaak. Born on March 18, 1997. Went to Heaven to be with Jesus on July 30, 2001.


Happy Easter Emily  / Annmarie Miller ^i^ Paul Patrick's Mommy (Angel Friend )

Thinking of You and your Family

with Love this Easter.

The Family of Paul Patrick Miller

Gwen's poem  / Kim Mathis (Brook's Place )
Gwen and I wrote this poem as a tribute to her sister Gabi

My Special Sister
I have a special sister...
She can't run and play with me
But she can send me butterflies to chase.
We can't sit and talk
But she can send me special dreams.
She can't sit on my lap
But sometimes at the cemetery I sit on her headstone.
I can't color or paint with my sister
But she can put colors in the sky like rainbows and sunsets.
She can't give me hugs and kisses
But she makes the sun shine on my face.
My special sister is with me everyday.
She's in my smile and my laugh and hugs I give away.
Having a special sister makes me special too
Just ask about Gabi and I'll share her with you.
Your sweet guardian angel  / Laura Bower (Kyle David Miller Foundation )
Dropping in once more following our conversations today to offer my deepest sympathies on Emily's memorial site.  She is such a beautiful girl and my heart weeps that she is no longer with you and in your arms.  I know you keep her in your heart and I hope you will all have a very joyful reunion.  I am sure she is making sure everything is as you would want it when that day arrives and she will have lots of hugs and kisses that she has saved up while you have been apart.

Please do keep in contact.
Sweet Emily  / Christine Miller (Another Angel Mommy )
Thank you so much for your kind words on Kyle's site.  I have spent the past hour reading all about Emily and looking at her pictures.  She was so beautiful and her spirit just shines through the pictures.  I am so incredibly sorry that she is no longer physically here blessing your life w/ her laughter and love.  I know what an awful void that is.   Reading your words was like reading my own heart.  I just wish there was something I could do or say to help take a fraction of it away but I know there is not.  The only comfort I can offer is in knowing that you aren't alone in your pain and that our sweet Angels are playing together right now just waiting for the day when we can all be together again.  What an incredible day that will be.  Losing Kyle has completely taken away my fear of death, now it is actually a day of joyful reunion I look forward to.  In a way, that is a gift in itself from our sweet little ones.  We may have to live the rest of our lives w/ this huge hole in our heart but we have a treasure waiting for us that is beyond measure!  

I truly hope that a cause can be found for Emily's death, it seems so unfair that you are left wondering what took her.  I know a cause won't take the pain away but it would still offer some peace of mind to know what happened.  I will pray that the experts will figure it out.  

Ultimately the only thing that matters is holding close the wonderful memories you have and keeping her close in your heart.  She is always with you, not only your daughter but now also our guardian angel.

You have my deepest and most sincere sympathy.  

((Hugs and Love))
So sorry  / Marie Parker (Friend of Kyle David Miller )
I saw your post on Kyle's page.  I'm friend's with Kyle's mommy.  My little boy and Kyle were best friends.  Emily is so beautiful!  I can't even imagine the pain you are feeling every day.  I thank you for being such a strong woman.  Emily must be so proud of all of you.  It makes me so happy to see such a loving family.  I loved seeing all your pictures.  After reading your story and posts, I grabbed my little girl and cried into her chest.  I held her so tight.  I don't know what I would do if I ever lost her.  I pray that if I ever do, I can be as strong as you.  Thank you again for being who you are.  You inspire me along with Kyle's mom, Christine.  

Marie Parker
Waco, Tx
And God Said.......  / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy (I care )
I said, God I hurt
And God said, I know

I said, I cry alot
And God said, That's why I gave you tears

I said, Life is so hard
And God said, That's why I gave you loved ones

I said, But my loved one died!!
And God said, So did mine!!

I said, It's such a great loss!!
And God said, I saw mine nailed to a cross!!

I said, But your loved one lives!!
And God said, So does yours!!

I said, Where is she now??
And God said, My Son is by my side and
Your Daughter is in my arms!!

author unknown

God's Garden  / Katina Downey
Wendy, I only know of your loss because we are members of Horizon.  I have visited Emily's  website a few times and have cried my eyes out for you and your family.  I continue to pray for you often.  This is a poem my great grandma wrote and it has always spoke to my heart, I hope it touches yours.  In fact if you would like a hard copy I produce them with some artwork and would be honored to share this gift.  
eyes to the sky, 

God’s Garden

This world is a beautiful garden
Filled with a million kind of flowers
God is the wonderful owner
He sends it the sunshine and showers.

Somewhere in this beautiful garden
The weeds have begun to grow
But plainly the owner tells us
We shall reap what so ever we sow.

Among the thistles and thrifty weeds
Flowers grow slim and not very tall
But He loves and cares for every one
No matter whether great or small.

God has prepared us a better garden,
Far away in the sky above
And oft times plucks a flower
To transplant in that garden of love.

He gathers some beautiful bright ones
Some buds just opening too,
There are times He wants a bouquet
Sizes and colors of every hue.

Some of those flowers have older grown,
Losing their beauty and petals too,
He takes them to that garden yonder
And starts them out anew.

I love to think of that garden of love
In that land so bright and fair
For so many flowers we love so much
Have been transplanted there.

Jessie Walker    


Thinking of you  / Joy Marino (Friend of Wen's )
Dear Wen,

I thought of you often today, knowing this is your first Mother's Day without Emily.  I prayed for you- for peace, for hope and for love.  The love of your children, here with you.  The love of God. The love of your family and friends.  All the love in this world, to help you through yet another difficult day.  

I have never experienced your pain, exactly.  But I do know what it feels like to lose a child and to lose a loved one.  I can only imagine the feeling of these two tradegies combined into one painful loss.

You, and your family, are in my thoughts and prayers.  I am always here if you need to vent, scream, cry or anything.

Happy Mother's Day, my friend.  I know Emi is shining down on you today and the warmth of the sun is her letting you know she is with you.

In His Love and Grace,

My dear Wen,  / Lorie Mayol (angel mom to Elizabeth )

My dear sweet Wendy,
As you know, I have followed your entries and website for months. I have to tell you, though I am almost 4 years into this nightmare, you are expressing SO MUCH  of what I deal with. The problem is, as you may or may not find, is that it comes in waves.  I feel God is finally letting me have some peace about losing my precious Angel, and that He has a plan throughout all of this nonsense that I just don't get yet, and then BAM! It starts over. No telling what sets it off, somedays I'll just be driving down the road and find myself in her funeral procession and see myself following behind that hearse that carried her beautiful body to the cemetery with so many cars following I couldn't even count them, or I'll be in a store and all of a sudden, I am back 4 years before shopping with Elizabeth in that very store. Needless to say when I 'wake up' from the daydream, I'll a wreck.

Yes, I was, and still am mad at God. And I DO BELIEVE in His promise that we all will see her again.  That just doesn't do anything for this ever so painful void that I have to live with on a daily basis.

Then I watch my other two children wrestle with this loss. As if life isn't difficult enough these days, and I wonder, God WHAT...WHAT have I done that is so horrible that I deserve this HELL!!!

God bless you, honey, I KNOW your pain. I am within one month of Elizabeth's 4 years of death. She died June 1, 2002. I re-live each and every day over and over throughout this month up until a couple of weeks following her funeral, hoping, wishing, God would be so kind to let me do it over and change  just one thing. Just one, After all, is that really asking so much?

by the way, I don't know the rules with pregnancy, but I have been put on probably every anti-depressant made. Wellbutrin just did nothing for me.

After about 5, Cymbalta was the best, but it MADE ME GAIN WEIGHT

From a Mom who lost a daughter too  / Jo Newell (Friend of Sue's )

You don't know me, but I had lunch with your Mom a couple of weeks ago. She told me about your website.

As I have read your entries, I walk the painful path again that you are walking. The memories catch me off guard and take me back to when my emotions were as raw as yours are now.

This site is such a great way to do your grief work and allow others to minister to you as well.

I will not write anything very long today, but I do want to share one thing with you that became my strength for years of pain, uncertainty, fear, questions, etc. Two weeks before my Ashley died, the Lord whispered to me: "Jo, Be willing to stay uncomfortable." I had no idea what He meant, because I was not at all uncomfortable. Then, two weeks later, I knew exactly what He meant.

And so I bacame willing. I chose not to drink the pain away, or drug it away. I just faced into it and learned all I could learn, because, I never wanted to walk that path again.

Feel free to email me if you ever need to talk to someone who has journeyed a little farther down the road than you have.

Jo Newell
My heart goes out to your family!  / Shayla's Mommy
I really do wish that your Emily Grace was celebrating her birthday at home with her parents, and her brothers & sister. I come to your website often, and each time my heart breaks. Everything you say is so true. I remember one time my sister asked me about a month before my Daughter Shayla's Birthday, she said Annie what are WE going to do for Shayla's Birthday, I told her cripe her birthday is not for another month, little did I know she wasn't going to make it, she got sick so suddenly, she was a healthy baby, but Meningitis would take her before her first birthday. Your children are going to be on emotional roller coasters. Your family will forever be in my prayers. God Bless
For Emilys family.....  / Cindy Mommy To Angel Kaydence
Im so very sorry for the loss of Sweet Emily... My Heart breaks to hear of another Angel... Gone to soon. Sending you my Love and huge hugs may God Bless you and Comfort you... Cindy www.kaydeeboo.memory-of.com
Happy Birthday Emily Grace  / Cindy Mommy To Angel Kaydence (Another Angel's Mommy )
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In Our Hearts  / Melody Sanders
We thought of you with love today. But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday. And days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. Now all we have is memories. And your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake. With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart..
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