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HEY, ANOTHER YEAR? What's that?   ANOTHER YEAR means "new beginnings"!!!  I've been prayin' for the "new year" to bring those new THINGS, whatever they are, to your family!!!  It's been a LLOONNGG RROOAADD...just to get to this "year" for you all!

My prayer for  you is:" Father, with all that is within me, my heart, my soul, and my mind, I pray that YOU will bestow on my friends, the compassion that YOU have promised, the MERCY that only YOU can provide, the COMFORT & HEALING that needs to be put in place, the JOY restored to the lives of the family that have been doubtful!  Jesus, they are so faithful to YOU!  Please allow your faithful children  to edndulge in YOUR HAPPINESS with them!  As much as they seek YOUR "HAND", Father, EXTEND IT~Catch them when they fall, catch them when they ASK FOR HELP!  FATHER ABOVE,  Please come!!


Holy Father, Come and hear MY prayer, OUR SAVIOR~ OUR KING!
In Jesus' Name,

I Love you Guys!
MARY, Mother of GOD  / Bgr
i was just thinking about how crappy it is that an innocent child be taken from his mother while she sleeps...or, worse yet, while she's WATCHING!  How do think Mary was feeling 2007 years ago?  Today, 1 week away from delivery, sittin' on a freakin' DONKEY, in the middle of nowhere! (we all delivered in a hospital, remeber?) OH ~ WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS! CHRIST, THE KING WAS BORN!

33 years later, Mary watched, IN HORROR, her "baby" DIE!  For ME?,  and YOU?

Now I call Him my KING!
A mothers love for her child is never, ever going to change.  That is how that "baby" of Mary's feels about YOU & ME!

Every Day Is A Blessing  / Susan Dum/Kent (Best friends @ home )
 Every day is truely a STRUGGLE~the little ones at home, the big ones at school and on their way home~how to make it  through the next hour  and every hour after that is a question???We can't answer!  With God's Grace~We DO!  Every time!!  Doesn't matter what the "day" has given us...we just seem to "meet and greet" with dispare and anguish and HOPEn that God will be with us  to pick up our crappy feelings  

Well, He DOES!  Thank HIM NOW! Every bad thought, bad hour, every headache, EVERYTHING bad and discomforting you can imagine, anything you can think of to put UP TO GOD~He ALREADY KNOWS!  There's NOTIHNG HE does't know about each of us. Thank Him Again~

He WANTS SO MUCH for us to be  Happy In Him! To do that, we must rely ONLY ON HIM..for everything! Including surrendering a precious child of our own (the gift HE already gave to us) to HIS PLAN!  Not our OWN!  HE KNOWS IT SUCKS!!



XXOO to all who need to be reminded of who YOUR SAVIOR is. 

heart felt love to all who read this!  

Wendy & Brian's "Masue"
if i could take your place  / Masue (just masue )

My WHOLE life has changed since I recieved the call on that beautiful October day, that Emily had passed way in her sleep  I couldn't fathom that!  Being a mother of three very healthy and well children of my own.  All I could think to myself is..."why the Gutreuter's, Lord, and not the Kent's"?  What has spared US from this tragedy??  I only knew Brian and Wendy and their kids from church, and the fact that Wendy & I delivered babies on the same day! (3 in all~Katie being 6 hours older than my twins),.   A totally faithfull family in our church community!

It's been two years now.  Wendy, Brian and the kids are now a passion that live deep in my heart.  Only by God's hand.  I did not seek them out~God gave them to ME!!  For THAT, I am Thankfull!  I have learned so much through their family dynamics and Never-Ending faithfulness to the same God that chose to take their beautiful baby out of her sleep to live in heavevn with HIM

I look at my own children in a different perspective now! They could be "gone" in the blink of God's eye. As challenging as our kids are, I wouldn't do much to change any of them.  They, in all the stuff they pack, are the reason I live!   God DOES put us where HE wants us...not where we ask Him to place us.

I am one person who never held Emily, never touched her beautiful face,.  Only reaped her beauty from a far.  As her parents do...I,  I long to hold her in Heaven! 


God promised me that we would see each other in His Kingdom.  I beleive it!  I believe in ANGELS!   You should too.

I don't know where my life would be without Emi's passing...I DO KNOW that because of the God Spoken Day of this child's new birth in Heaven, I...I personally gained a new freindship beyond ANY that I have ever known!  I feel sorry for the people who are to afraid to approach the friends they once had with Emily's family!!  And so do they!

I am always going to be here for my friends, junk and all!!!  no matter what!

I do pray for Emi's family members NOT to afraid to speak of her!!  We DO EVERY DAY!  

She isn't here with us today~but tomorrow is another day~maybe YOU will be  seeing her.  If you DO,, before me ,PLEASE tell her how much she is loved and missed by all of us! 

You Guts have a freind in ME~Sue                                                                                 

happy THANKSgiving!  / Masue
Hey gang~Hoping, Praying & Praying, and Believing that this will be a "thankfull" Thanksgiving for all of you!  God's mercy can be seen in small ways, always! I know that He sees your beautiful family and cries with you.  Every tear you shed, He does as well.  I know that He is holding you all very close to Him and He knows the struggles you are going through.  He is SO in love with you and your faithfullness.  He will deliver His promise "to keep you and not to harm you".  
There IS something to be thankfull for EVERY DAY!  
Just when you think that God has not answered your prayers, He WILL, in a big way!  HIS WAY!
I love you ALL and I know your inner torment and anguish~I know that God will be in your presence with your Angel Emily this holiday. Hold on to the things that make you "thankfull" for another day and to witness God's mercy!  I believe that things will change for you and that you will know that God is good!

Heart felt love to you all,
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