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What a beautiful girl!  / Sheila Pasket (I didn't know her )
To Emily's family....I am so sorry for you lose! We too have a 2 1/2 year old little girl, and I don't know what I would do if I were in your shoes. God has a plan for everything that happens. Just remember that he knows what is in store for us, and he will take great care of Emily in Heaven. I'm sure by looking at the photos and reading your story, that she is in Heaven making the days the best for everyone there. I'll bet there are lots of smiles & laughter going on! :) Lean on God...he will get you all through this situation. In Christ's Love....Sheila Pasket
You and Dakota have fun playing with all your angel toys pretty girl  / Dakota Bauer's Mommy
I'm so sorry for your loss....  / Vera Cunha
I'm so sorry for your loss.  Your friend Joy in NJ told me about what happened and now the fire.  I'm very sorry and I hope that I can help your family somehow.  My daughter (3 yr old Vanessa) was diagnosed with cancer in June and she is currently undergoing treatment.  I've learned quite a lot during the last few months and how important it is to help and care for one another.  If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.  I can be reached at my email address.

God bless and give you the strength you need during this rough time.  Your family will be in our prayers. 

Vera Cunha in NJ
Emily is so beautiful  / Judy Dowden (Friend of Mommy from WLS Indy )
Wendy, I just saw your post at WLS Indy. This memorial page is so beautiful. I know your hearts are breaking and I want you to know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. The song is wonderful and certainly expresses what Emily means to you and how she touched your lives. May you find comfort in the memories.
I was thinking of you today  / Dakota Bauer's Mommy
Thinking of you all....  / Renae Stafslien (Friend)
Brian, Wen, and kids,

It's my daily "time with Emily" as I look at her pictures and read tributes from family and friends, and still this doesn't seem real to me.  I can only guess at what you all are feeling every day as you live another day without your precious angel.  I read Julie's message describing the shock of that day, and getting the phone call that no one can ever be prepared for, and I still feel that sense of shock.  My heart aches for all of you, and Rick and Julie, and Beth and Beetle, and all of Emily's cousins and her grandparents and her aunties, and every person who knew that dear girl.  It was so evident from that amazing funeral service that this little girl touched a huge number of people in her short time on Earth.  I get asked every day, still, by people who know of your loss but don't know you, how you are all coping.  People care, they really, really care.  I pray for you all every day, and I know that so many others do, too.  I have to believe that you're dealing with the worst that life has to offer, and happier days lie ahead.  Days when the sadness won't be quite as heavy as it is now, and when you'll be able to remember Emi without tears.  She gave you so many memories and stories to tell about her, and someday it won't hurt so much to tell them. 

Last week's fire in your home made an already-horrific situation even worse.  At a time when you need peace and comfort more than anything,  you are faced with yet another blow to your family's safety and well-being.  You are all walking, talking examples of how "bad things happen to good people"; you are as good as it gets and this is as bad as it gets.  You have to feel as though you are under attack, but I know that you all know that's God is powerful and good and He will prevail.  Hold onto each other tightly, and draw strength from Him.  You will get through this. 

We love you all dearly and hold you up in prayer daily.   We're sending long-distance hugs your way, and can't wait until we can give them in person.  I know that the holidays probably feel more like something that you have to endure this year, rather than celebrate, but being surrounded by those you love and who love you, at this time of year is probably just what you need most.  I won't wish you a Happy  Thanksgiving, because I know that that is a tall order this year, but enjoy your time with Amy and know that we are thinking about you all.  Travel safely home, and I'll keep praying that your home is repaired quicker than expected so that you can be back where you belong soon.  Love, hugs and kisses to you all! 

Condolences from Madison Police Dept. Madison, WI  / Bernie Gonzalez (Public Safety )
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as the holiday season approaches.  Little Emily Grace touched many of us and we will not forget her.  As a poet once said, "Perhaps it wouldn't hurt so much, had we not loved so much".

Sgt. Bernie Gonzalez
Madison Police Department
Madison, WI     
We miss you Emily  / Julie (Aunt Julie )
Dear Brian, Wendy, Nick, Kota and Katie: My heartfelt sympathies and prayers are with you all as you try to adjust to your daily life without Emily. I still can't quite believe that she is no longer with us. I look at the pictures that I have rotating on my computer and it doesn't seem possible that such a vibrant little person could have passed away. Thank you for bringing that special little girl into our lives! We will miss her terribly. I'm so very grateful that I had taken October 14 off to spend with you all! I feel privileged to have been part of what turned out to be Emily's last day on Earth. It was such a beautiful, fun day at the zoo and at Mom's house. It seemed so normal, even down to two very "toddler" moments that I had with Emily that day. When you all got to the zoo and we started to walk around, Emily said Daddy we go to the zoo. Bri said we're at the zoo, sweetie. Emily very firmly said, "this not the zoo". I joked with Bri that apparently our zoo wasn't up to her standards. Later that night when I was saying goodbye to you all, Emily, Katie and Wen were in the van. I asked Emily, "Can Aunt Julie have a kiss", she said, "no." I said, "I'll just kiss you on your head then". I kissed both girls on top of their heads and said goodbye, as I wasn't going to see you all for months, possibly not until the holidays or spring break. Nothing in the interactions I had with Emily seemed out of place. She was a happy, beautiful toddler, doing and saying totally toddler things, having great fun with her siblings and cousins. Who would have predicted the call that I would receive from Mom on Sat. morning? In fact, I misunderstood Mom at first when she called. I heard "Lee died". I racked my brain for an older relative anywhere in the families that was named Lee. Finally I said who? And she said "Emily". What?!!! How is that possible? But of course it was possible, because it had indeed happened. The most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen in my life is Bri's face when I walked into Beetle & Beth's house on Sat. morning. In the one word (Jul) that he said to me before I hugged him was such pain and anguish that it still makes me cry when I think of it. And poor Wen was wrapped up in a blanket, shaking and looking completely shell-shocked saying it can't be, bring my baby back to me. All I could do was hug you both and say I'm so sorry. I still wish I could make your pain go away and make it better. Please know that we think about and pray for you often and we are here for you. We love you all. Julie, Rick & Zachary
Precious Angel  / Monica (Mommy's Friend )

 I have waited and waited to pay this tribute as I still cry everytime I think about you. Still cry everytime I see a message from your mommy!  Did you know your Mommy and Daddy are SOOOO strong?  Well they are little angel.  I remember meeting you and your mommy for the first time. Not knowing it was going to be the last time that I would get to see you.  I did not know that you loved Dora like you did!  Gabbi does too!  You remember her?  She remembers you!!  She asks to go back and play with you.  What do I tell her??  You 2 played while Mommy and I talked!! 

Friday was her 4th birthday and she wanted to invite you and your "wittle" sister!  She got a Dora Kitchen for her gift from me and her daddy!  She loves it and I know you would too.  Everytime I see her playing with it...I think of you and how much JOY you would get out it and it brings tears to my eyes. 

I have looked over and over at this beautiful website that your Mommy and Daddy has done and still cry.  I can feel the amazing love from all your family and friends thru this. 

Im sorry I didnt make it to your funeral!  But seeing you at the viewing...OMGosh You looked just like an angel...You was just as beautiful as ever.  I would have loved to hear your Mommy sing.  Maybe she will share that with me sometime.  She is truely a beautiful woman inside and out!!!  Of course you know that...right?  *Smiles*  

Emily, You will ALWAYS be in my heart!  And Mommy and Daddy will be in my daily prayers!  Enjoy playing with Jesus!  Everytime Gabbi and I listen to the Dora CD or watch Dora we will look up to you and smile!

Love You Emily!
Monica & Gabbi
i never met her but touch me in so many ways and i know her now!! tk  / Heather Foster (friend of her family )
The day i found out........
 Emily past as my son Quincey was in the hospital having a emergency surgery, the morning of finding her."him on the table already"
i had called to tell everyone i wouldn't make it to Olivia's b-day party cause of my new born is having the emergency surgery,
as i was telling why ,how,ect. on the phone feeling so bad about missing the get together and knowing how happy Olivia must be to be 2 and how much fun all the kids would be having made me sad to miss it and because Beth and the family surrounding her have done so much for our family,i was going to meet you that day,never got a chance sorry,
but........................... as i was told why there wasn't going to be a party anyway..................i got very worried as i knew something bad has to have had to happen to cancel a 2 year olds party!!???!!??!??!??!??
then all hit me as i was told why....the fillings just over took me , i want my son now i am afraid what if something happens to him, i am not there with him i want to hold him ,i cry for my son to be ok at this point,then i think out loud god why you take that lil girl why couldn't you take.....someone else she is so young needs time god you better be there for that mom she is going to need you i felt so bad i was worried about a surgery they do on an everyday bases and a child has passed i almost felt sorry for being worried about my son crazy right i wanted to find you "mom" and hug you and say sorry and see you child play and say it isn't true but in my heart i knew i didn't know you guys yet and i was grieving for her you and your family Beth and them and wanting to hold my family closer ..... crazy as it may seem i felt like i was there too..... i am soooooooooo sorry for your loss and i will keep you all close to my heart and i do want to meet you some day if you would like to you can write to me or call or anything i will be a shoulder if needed i am a mom and a wife and can be a friend.....
god please help to take some of the pain from this family and love them even more hold them have Emily be there angel send her my way to, as she has opened my eyes also to how precious just 2 years can be,and are now.  i think for ever 1 minute now how can i love, care, need, help,give, show,do what i can for everyone ect.....
 i have 6 kids i can not say i know how you feel, i can just say i wish i could help you with your pain and help you through some how ,but i really most likely can't
i will pray for all of you and anyone who has lost a loved one i lost my grandpa ,my husband 2 days ago lost his aunt  this sad thing happened to a sweet lil angel girl so close to home
but more cause it is close to home it has made some good things too, in a funny way we all watch our children closer we hold little longer when we give them a hug ,we think about them more through the day we want to be closer to our family we know how fast it can be lost we do not take things for granted now so easy...the lose that you had there was no way to change the out come, we all hope to find out more to why but no way to stop it now, but for others and that is what this as shown me!!!!! 
i cherish our everyday's more even when we do not feel like getting up ,i love harder even if the other person seems to be mad i try to make people smile not be up set, now that we see how fast and unknown some one can be gone you don't know who or why but they can be gone so you want the now, to mean more...
you have given me a gift and i want to thank you for it, it is the best one i have ever got it is called an eye opener it is called love it is called everything it is called a new life Emily is with me you,your friend, god, my friends dog that past away, and my baby that made it through the surgery ok and happier then before!!! she is everywhere she watch's us all and helps us make choices and helps us be ok and helps us through the hard times too remember you made and angel she is here .... 
Thanks for at least that gift and it is a big gift, i have apart of your daughter in my heart and in turn i can give a little piece of her to everyone i meet love or will meet.....
heather foster
God Bless You  / "Radioguy" Scott Bate (WLSIndy)
I found the link to your page on WLSIndy. I listened to the beautiful song, read the lyrics, and scrolled down to watch the slideshow. I have managed to wipe enough of the tears away to write you this note, but will have to return to read the story. Just knowing that you lost this precious angel brings me to tears. I see my little neice that we have raised in so many of those pictures, and can't imagine the pain of losing her. It made me think of all of those moments with Leila (now 3 1/2), and the pictures I have of her. The funny things they say and do. How they absorb life and all of its surroundings, and the complete innocents of youth. Their trusting hearts and their tender smiles. 

Wen and Brian ... we have never met, but I hope that maybe at the St V Christmas party that I will get that chance.

Thanks again for sharing this tribute, as it should also serve as a wakeup call to all of those with children just how bless they are to share a life of a child.

May God bless you all.
We love you  / Beth Soltis (Aunt)
We love you Emily and we miss you.
We love you Brian & Wendy & Nicholas & Dakota & Katie and our hearts go out to you.  We grieve with you. 
Endless hugs and kisses,
Beth & Beetle & Olivia & Otto
That Emily --- she's Sunshine in Shoes!  / Susan Ingram (Friend)

The site is beautiful.  I just sat in there, reading everything, absorbing every note, sniffling as tears streamed silently down my face.  I am hurting just imagining how much you hurt.  :(  

What a pizazz-a-rrific munchkin Emily is.  She is definitely SUNSHINE IN SHOES! 

I am really blessed to see the depths of love you have for your kids, always, and it's even more evident these last 4 1/2 weeks that you are an amazing woman, and spectacular mom.  Brian, too, is amazing - his patience, kindness, and inclusive ways are so ... awesome.  

I pray that God brings comfort upon comfort to you and Bri, and that as you lean in towards eachother that He creates a strength and depth that will bless the world around you.  Your effervesence already does that, you know, and Emily was a lot like you in that way.  When you walk in the door you bring kittens and rainbows with ya!  You are such a blessing to me. 

I know you've imagined how Emily's changing heaven, already!  It's a kind of sweet vibrant thought that I allowed myself to entertain as I watched the slideshow and listened to the music and read.  Ahhhh, true beauty.   

You know, I just loved to sit near you guys during Kidstuf on Sunday mornings -- Emily was soooo INTO Kidstuf  -- especially when her daddy was on stage.  She'd just talk to him in the most comfortable way, and somehow get right into his arms and into the spotlight herself.  ewww, she's loveable.  I love watching her dance every dance with you, doing all the motions, and trying to include Katie, too.  YUMMY, that girl!  So fun.  Just like her mommy in just about every way! 

Thanks for sharing your life, and your family, with me.  For every moment, I'm thankful.

Hugs to you, Bri, Dakota, Nick, and Katie.
- "Mrs. F"
Pastor / Larry Zumwalt
I am a friend of Brad Shields.  I just wanted you to know that I and the church that I pastor will be in prayer for your and your family.  We are sorry for your lose.  I know it is hard to lean on God when we don't understand why things are the way they are.  I can only say that God is the only one to lean on and  He is the only one that can give perfect peace and comfort in these hard times.  I have not lost a child expect through misscarrage, we have lost three.  I have lost two younger brothers.  There is saddness at a time of loss, but God will bring the memories that bring laughter and it will bring peace.  There will always be times of tears, but in time the pain and heart ache will ease up. I also know that Brad is man who God works through.  I am praying that he too can speak words of peace and comfort to you and your family.
Prayers Emily's family  / Jacki Shields (Mother to friend of Brian's (Brad Shields) )
Brian & Wendy,

My heart goes out to you and your family.  What a terrible, unthinkable tragedy.  Please know you are in my prayers.  May God's grace bring you courage and strength and fill your hearts with peace. 

In Christ's love,

Jacki Shields
(Brad's mom)
Emily is one of God's tiny rosebuds!  / Faith Klintworth (Christian family )

I have been praying for you and thinking of you daily.  I remember all too well the strength it took to get through each day with some semblence of normalcy after losing my little Brent. It will be that way for a long time...and it's okay.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  One day,  those tears that fall so easily now will be replaced with more smiles when remembering something Emily did or said. I will continue to pray that God will provide the answers that I know you seek. I also pray that each day will bring you a little closer to being able to smile again.  Please email me if you ever just need someone to listen.
In Christ's most precious love~
Faith Klintworth and family


The Master Gardener
From heaven above
Planted a seed
In the garden of love.
And from it there grew
A rosebud small
That never had time
To open at all.

For God in His perfect
And all-wise way
Chose this rose
For His heavenly bouquet.
And great was the joy
Of this tiny rose
To be the one our Father
to leave earth's garden
For one on high
Where roses bloom always
And never die.

So while you can't see
Your precious rose bloom,
You know the great Gardener
From the upper room
Is watching and tending
This wee rose with care,
Tenderly touching
Each petal so fair.

So think of your darling
With the angels above,
Secure and contented
And surrounded by love.
And remember God blessed
And enriched your lives, too,
For in dying, your darling
Brought heaven closer to you!

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Thinking of You  / Dustin Miller (Friend)
Thank you for sending me the web site. You guys are amazing! I think about you everyday. So many others do too. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. Its been my honor to know you and to help you. You are beautiful people. What a beautiful Princess she was.
Sympathy / Al Rickey
I hope you folks fair well and I still think of your daughter everytime I pass the house.

Take care and do your best.

                                     Det. Al Rickey
                                     City of Madison Police Dept. 
So Sorry for your loss  / Bridget Wetterer (Friend)
Brian, Wendy and Family,
I wish I could say something smart and savy that would help ease your pain, but I know there are no words that will do that.  Be safe in knowing that Sweet Emily is with God and making him smile and laugh now.  She will always be with you and you all will find a "new normal" in your life.  I think and pray for you all daily and will continue to do so.  Keep your faith, it is true and valuable.  God Bless and many prayers to you and your family!
Love you!
Bridget Wetterer
A blessing  / Janet Schwind (Friends with her mom )
Wendy, you and Brian have been a great blessing to me. I just want you to know I am mourning with you and will be here for you in any way I can be. I feel shafted that I didn't get a chance to know Emily. I can tell by her pictures that she had a ton of personality. I love you guys! You are an awesome God-centered couple and I am so glad you have each other to make it through this together.
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