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Valentine Day  / Gramma Sally
Emily Grace,  It is so strange to send Valentines to your brothers and sister and cousins and not be able to send one to you.  So this is my Valentine to you.   You are my little red-headed granddaughter and everytime i see anyone with red hair  i think of you.   Last sun in the newspaper ads i was looking at children's clothes for your sister Katie's birthday.   I was startled to see alittle red-haired girl in the ad.  She resembled you ,in age and hair color,and for one moment i thought how did a picture of Emily get in here?   You are that much in my thoughts. I think of you every day with love and with prayers for your family who still are missing you so much.  I am going to visit your family this Sun and stay for a week.   We will be talking about  you and remembering you.   For you are always in our hearts.  I know you walk in sunshine in heaven and you are safe with Jesus.  
Happy Valentines Day Emi,     Love Gramma Sally
My Prayers are with You......  / Stacey Streets (ANgel Mom To Aidan )
I wish I had something helpful or cathartic to say that would ease your pain if even just a little bit. All I can say is that I am truly from the depths of my soul, understand your pain and loss. Even though I had Aidan just for a moment, I Truley Believe no loss of a child is greater than another. I hope and pray that God gives you the strength, peace, and faith to survive this. It's a road no one wants to go down, but once you have you can never come back. Thank you for sharing your angel with me. I know we don't physically know each other, but I feel that bereaved parents are connected forever. I admire you for being so strong such a wonderful inspiration to others and for being such a great mommy to your angel. God bless you and your family. Stacey Streets~Angel Mommy To Aidan~ http://ourlittleangel.memory-of.com/About.aspx
my thoughts and prayers  / Andrea Workman
Your family is in our thoughts and prayers, She is with God, bless you for your beautiful rememberance, my heart goes to you.
Like a great man did many years ago ...  / Melker (None)
I also feel "how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so owerwhelming." But like him I also pray "that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memories of the loved and lost." Emily is in my thoughts and prayers.
Praying for you  / Joy Marino (friend of Wen )
I am so sorry that today did not give you any answers.  Our family and friends pray for you.

Be blessed,

She's Beautiful  / LaDonna

She is such a beautiful angel baby! I am truly sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the immense pain you and your family must be feeling. But know that I am praying for you and your family. She is truly beautiful and the Song you wrote is absoulty touching. I cry everytime I hear it.

Emily's song  / Lorie Mayol (mom to Angel Elizabeth )
I have to tell you that I have looked at Emily's site many times.  For some reason I just can't get her out of my mind. she is beautiful.
I ran across a song that I have posted on my daughter's website I think you should hear. "Emily's in Heaven, and I'm awake in bed.  You can go to elizabeth-mayol.memory-of.com and look in the right column under audio.
God Bless,
God Bless  / Mother An Angel

Emily, and her family, God Bless you and your entire family. The loss of a child is unbearable. I love your tribute to your baby girl as she must love it also. The pain of not knowing what caused her passing must be hard. You have your very own Angel in heaven. My baby girl who was only 11-1/2 months passed away Feb.10, 2001 it will be 5 years next month and time has not made it any easier, if you would like to read about my baby her website http://shayla-lenoir.memory-of.com, she was my first born baby girl. There is so much that I can say but I don't feel it my place. You have your children to help you along the way. Your website is beautiful but not as beautiful as your lil Emily. May God be with you and your family..God Bless

A prayer from Beetle's cousin  / Beth Soltis (Aunt)
Beetle's cousin Kathryn is a missionary in Japan and I told her about little Emily.  She said she is so sorry and her heart aches for us, especially for Brian & Wendy.  This is her prayer for us:
Father God.  Maker of Heaven and earth.  All powerful, all sovereign Lord.  You knit Emily in her mother's womb.  You knew the number of hairs on her head. Father you knew, and were in control, of exactly when Emily took her last breath.  Nothing that happend took you by surprise and everything happened according to your will.  Father I pray your comfort and healing hand on Emily's family as well as Beth's family.  I thank you Lord that Emily's family knows you as their Lord and Savior and I pray that they will call out to ou during this time and that you will prove to them once again just how loving and faithful of a God you are.
In the percious name of Jesus Christ.
God heals...Just believe  / Sheila Pasket (Didn't know her-unfortunately )

I am so sorry for all you & your family have went thru. This site looks so pretty, and I am sure that Emily's looking down with great pride in all of you! God will heal your wounds, just believe that, and it will happen. Maybe not in the time frame you want it too, but it will happen. You are such great people, I can just feel it in my heart. I don't know first hand how hard this is for you, but I do feel your pain. I so hope that you find closure, you deserve that. Just know that as she said that day in the ball park, "her head is on His shoulders", and I can bet that Heaven is full of laughter since she's there. Her pictures say it all.....She is adorable!
God Bless you all in this horrible time and many of the days ahead in your lives. He knows your needs and will see that they are met. I will keep praying for you all of you. I pray that God wraps his & Emily's arms around you very tight, and hugs you deeply. You will have peace one day.
In His Love....

just thinking of you guys today  / Heather Foster (friend of beth and family )
wanted to stop through and look at pics and read more about miss emily!!
and say hope you guys are doing ok and that we are thinking about you all wishing you the best of all things!!
god bless and many thoughts and wishes and i know i got a puppy and he has made me so happy i think getting a puppy was a good choice for the kids i hope to see pics of yours lol keep your heads up and look at your sweet daughter and know she was here only a sort time but man she was great and made alot of people smile and still is today
i also want to say if anything i say on here sounds wrong or it comes across bad i mean only the best i have never been in your shoes and i am only tryin to say i am sorry for your loss and want to say try to be happy if you can she would have liked that much more and i think you are great parents and i know if you are anything like beth you love your kids with every inch of your soul i would not want to see you sad forever if that makes any sence?god bless
What a Beautiful Little Angel...I am so sorry for your loss of Emily.........  / Stacey Streets (Another Angel Mom Who Cares )
Please accept a hug from one broken heart to another. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I Wish there were words I could say or something I could do to take away this pain and heartbreak. I lost my son  Aidan on June 19, 2004. We have Guardian Angels Watching Over us.
God Bless You and your Family.
Stacey Streets ( Angel Mommy To Aidan)
It gets better..it gets easier.  / Jill Crowder (none)
Hi Wendy - I am Charlotte Taylor's best friend.  When she told me of your loss, I absolutely could not grasp it...as a mother myself, it hurts my heart to even think about it, none-the-less it actually happening.  I know, with prayer and togetherness, it will get easier...I know this for a fact....my family lost my brother in 1987.  He was 14 yrs old and was hit by a car while riding a moped.   My mother and father greived for years.......I remember thinking...this can not be happening to our family...and WHY??  I remember being 11 and being SO angry..and thinking...things will never ever get any better!!!!  I remember not even wanting to speak to God, none-the-less LEAN on Him!?!!?   I remember seeing the look of emptiness in my mother's eyes and thinking that she will never ever heal...but you know what...it did get better..it took a lot of time and prayer and support and love and friends and family and support groups and reading and talking, but it DID get better.  Once things did get better....we then felt the guilt...the guilt of going on with life as normal as we could without him...and how he must feel like we have forgotten him.....and not wanting to move on without him....but there isnt' a day that goes by that we all don't think of him...that we don't talk to him...that we don't remember him.  We just passed his 31st birthday on December 9th, and those days..the birthdays, holidays, the anniversary of his death...those days are still hard to bear.  I just want you to know that you have so many people praying for you and the power of prayer...well it is REAL...it is untouchable...and with that on your side...your wounds will heal.  She is such a beautiful little girl...I can't even imagine your loss.  I know your memories of her are so fond and I am so sorry that you had to loose her...but her joy in Heaven...far beyond words.  And one day God will tell you why He took her soon....you know he only takes the exceptionally special ones that early.  God Bless you and your family.  I am thinking of you constantly and praying for His healing touch for your family.  I love you guys...and I don't even know you! 

So Very Sorry...  / Charlotte Taylor (family friend )
Gutreuter Family,

I am so very sorry for your loss.  I know nothing I can say or do can take away your tremendous pain and sense of loss, but please know you are in my thoughs and prayers.  If there is ANYTHING I can possibly do to help you through this situation, PLEASE do NOT hesitate to call me.


so sad...but so lucky  / Louise (i did not know her )
you are so lucky to have had any time with such a gorgeous little girl...i honestly cannot imagine your feelings-   i can guess of course. I am sure you want people to know all about her and know how special, beautiful and FUN she was...i can really imagine her i can see her getting her way, making her siblings laugh, running you ragged all day long, what a total DELIGHT to have in your life....I think it must be dreadful for her to be lost as she was-  very frustrating for you and very hard to take. How could it be, it doesnt seem right? I know you will cherise her for as long as you live but jsut to let you know thanks to this website, we are still getting to meet her and know her...so she will never really be gone, her memory is being passed around, her light and life is living on and she is still making people smile- i didnt know anything about her until now- but i am smiling thinking about her!! I love her dress....i bet she did too!!
Missing You  / "My Anna" --to Emi
Hi baby girl...I hope you're having fun up there with Jesus. You know, we miss you alot down here...little things now remind me of you. KK is starting to jump up and down and guess who she looks almost IDENTICAL to when she jumps?? Mommy and I were talking about you today earlier at Kidstuf b/c they were playing your favorite song. We know you were listening, but it hurts so much to not see you dancin', jumpin' and running with your arms up on the "So Long" song, that was your favorite! I have pictures of you everywhere, but it's just not the same as seeing you in person. I miss talking to you on the phone...or throwing you up and catching you so I can hear you laugh and giggle. KK loves to do that now. I say 1, 2, 3 JUMP and she gets a BIG smile on her face just like you used to. I miss you so much pretty girl. The worst part is seeing your Mommy, Daddy, big brudders and KK upset...it's hard to know that they are hurting ALOT and not being able to do anything about it :-( I love and miss you more than words can describe and I can't wait to hold you again. Love, your Anna
My condolences  / Alma Mills (another angel's mommy )
My condolences for the loss of your precious Emily. My heart goes out to you. I understand your pain I lost my baby this year.
I pray the Lord will always comfort you and cover you with his love and peace.
Thinking about you  / Lisa McMullen (friend of Wendy's )
Wendy and Brian,

I just wanted to let you know I have not stopped thinking about you. You are always in my prayers.  I'm sure the holiday season is so hard on you.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do.  Wendy, please call if you need to talk. I miss you!

We offer our prayers to your family  / Allison Berrios (no relation )
I did not know Emily or her family.  A mutual friend told me of the pain your family was going through and I asked for information so I can try and offer help. 

As I go through your tribute to Emily - I can only play in my head how often I take my children for granted.  And how I put work, groceries, bill paying and meaningless errands before the crayons, watching Elmo or playing the silly song Justin loves so much. I find myself saying just a minute for about a half hour...

I still can not process what your family is going through and I can only offer my prayers for faith, strenghth and a realization that Emily is always with you and in the arms of Jesus.  A place that offers eternatal happiness, comfort and Love. 

We are strangers indeed, but are connected because we are parents with children and a family to care for.  Please contact me with ANYTHING that you may need.  I am friends with Mary Berry and although I do not have much I am here.  And will offer what I can.

Allison Berrios
Forked River, NJ
So sorry for your loss!  / Jamie Jamison (did not know her )
Dear Gutreuter Family,
        I just saw your website and I am so sorry for your loss.  She was such a beautiful little girl.  I have three little ones my self and I do not
know what I would do.  But I do know that what yall are going through is tough and hard. And your family is in out prayers.
                                 Love Ya'll,
                                      The Jamisons (From Stephenville,Tx)
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